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BGL — Jouet d’adulte

- 2008

BGL, Jouet d’adulte, 2003.

Jouet d’adulte interrogates the silence of our countryside and forests. This sculpture is a landmark in our production because we switched from hand-made esthetics to an industrial esthetics of the hand-made, meaning less effort for more efficiency… It’s like our fallow website at where in a short time you’ll have a technological experience of our production, effortlessly and without any physical sensations. As for the four-wheel, the arrows and the way it lies on its back makes it look like an animal, giving the impression of having witnessed an act of violence—the killing of a predator.


I was born, by accident, in 1996, of an uncertain friendship between J. Bilodeau, S. Giguère, and N. Laverdière, during their heady studies in the lucrative field of visual art. Surprisingly, obtaining a single diploma out of three opened doors for me: galleries, artist centres, museums, local events throughout the province. This is where I learnt the trade, and where I met the inspiring family of Quebec art, which I quietly promote abroad. I do the best I can in the inscrutable art jungle. I’m having a blast, and hope it goes on for a while, because, for all three of me, the rummaging is swell.

BGL is represented by Parisian Laundry in Montreal and by Galerie 3 in Québec.


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