Pouliot, Jean-Benoît

Jogging —

Jogging is a painting in acrylic on raw cotton canvas belonging to the Sueurs series, created in 2010-2011. This work, which has remained untouched for a year, is the fruit of intertwined reflections on the porosity of the support, movement, rhythm, and task. Floating on a dull grey background are patches of vivid colour. Certain dense lines appear as luminous points in motion. The painting, both calm and charged with velocity, can be interpreted as a metaphor for the urban phenomenon.

Jean-Benoît Pouliot is a multidisciplinary artist. At the beginning of the 2000s, he became known for his engravings and performances as part of the duo L’œil de verre. Since 2008, he has mainly devoted himself to painting and drawing. With the Sueurs series (2010), Pouliot has eliminated figuration from his work. This choice results from a reflection on the painting as an object and from an interest in more formal considerations. Since then, his work has questioned the porosity of the canvas, the settling of pigments, and the obverse/reverse relationship of its surface. Certainly formalist, Pouliot’s painting is an aggregate of coloured scansions that metaphorically question temporality, passage, and the impact of objects on their environment. His works feature in public and private collections in Canada, the United States, and Europe, notably those of Loto-Québec, BAnQ, Alcan, National Bank of Canada and Cirque du Soleil.

Acrylic on canvas, 2011
172.8 x 132 cm
LOT — 42
Estimate: 3 000 $

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