Tous les crayons de l’atelier / bleu

Tous les crayons de l’atelier / bleu
Cotton, Sylvie

Tous les crayons de l’atelier / bleu —

In 2008, Sylvie Cotton was required by her insurance company to do an inventory of the materials in her studio, including all her pens and crayons. The experience transformed into an exhaustive visual inventory, which became the subject of a series of works in diverse formats and variations. Here is the collection of blues and purples.

Sylvie Cotton creates works born of everyday life that throw light on our perceptions of the exchanges and encounters we have with others and the world around us. Her primary materials remain encounters, revelations, identity, abandon, collections, and offerings. Her research most frequently takes place in situ, but also in spiritu, as she says, meaning in union with her state of mind at the time of creation. To create her works, which she considers to be in perpetual motion, Cotton calls on diverse artistic forms: performance and art-action, drawing, photography, installation, and writing (aphorisms and diagrams). The chosen form is espoused by the particular dictates of each situation. Since 2001, in addition to realizing projects and participating in conferences here and abroad (notably in Serbia, Italy, Poland, among others), Cotton has published two artist’s books: Je préfère tout and On est tous la même personne.

Inck and prismacolor on Arches paper, 2008
56 x 77 cm
LOT — 11
Estimate: 1 400 $

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