Tous les crayons sans couleurs de l’atelier

Tous les crayons sans couleurs de l’atelier
Cotton, Sylvie

Tous les crayons sans couleurs de l’atelier —

In 2008, after a fire had ravaged her studio, Sylvie Cotton revisited her work tools—pencils, lead holders, felt pens—a large amount of which she had to replace. The experience prompted the idea of compiling an exhaustive visual inventory. First on small sheets, then in coloured notebooks, and finally, in a series of large format, minimalist, ethereal pieces, presenting the collection of all her colours, first globally, and through monochromes, right up to black and white and grey.

Born in 1962, Sylvie Cotton is an interdisciplinary artist whose projects mainly consist of creating situations that imply exchanges with others or encounters with the most directly perceived phenomena. Her work is generally site-specific and in spiritu, performed in public and private venues. She has also used artistic residencies as a performance vehicle where the temporal dimension becomes a medium in itself that Cotton uses according to five themes: “attempting that which tempts,” “deploying the inner workshop,” “knowing how to wait while not having time for it,” “cleaning out intentions,” and “communicating with the space.” A process of interaction is then established that characterizes all her practice, both performance and installation.

Ink and lead pencil on Arches paper, 2008
61 x 71 cm
Estimate: $ 1 200
LOT - 3

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