Beauté sauvage

Beauté sauvage
Giboulo, Karine

Karine Giboulo was born in 1980 in Ste-Émélie de l'Énergie, she lives and works in Montreal. Giboulo creates colourful miniature worlds in which depictions of reality and flights of fantasy mingle. Her intricate sculpted scenes use pathos and humour to comment on the human condition and issues such as globalization, consumerism and the environment. The use of bright colours and the personification of animals give her work a childish and naive imprint which belies the often serious subject matter. The characters in Giboulo’s narratives maintain dignity in difficult circumstances and her critique of society and human nature is couched in playfulness.

Karine Giboulo has participated in solo and group exhibitions, including Pulse New York international art fair in March 2009, where she won the IMPULSE second prize, a contest putting forward emerging artists all over the world. Her work is included in Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ collection and 21C Museum’s collection, where their new piece, Electronic Village, was shown in the show Creating identity : Portraits Today (August 2009). The artist’s work will also be presented at the Toronto International Art Fair (TIAF) in october 2009.

Karine Giboulo is represented by the [sas] Gallery in Montreal.

Modelling clay, sand, acrylic and various materials, 2009.
51 x 50 x 38 cm
Estimate: $3,800

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